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Why the Boxes Book?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why the Boxes book, Mark Musick, Douglas Wellman and others?

 Update: Nov: 25, 2011. ON Mark, Doug and their Publisher: You guys seem to be very interested in checking this post virtually daily but have very little interest in the DNA profiles. (a search from aol indicates Paul B Winn, similarily a search of palm and other had held searches indicates Mark, (his brand and operating system were noted by a surveilance person)  The US gov imho from the other patterns are intensely interested in the DNA profiles.  Now I ask myself, why the disparity?  Is Mark still working for the gov and if so why is his searches different?  Did you get the same DNA profile back from the shoes that the other tester got?  Or did you already know the answers to the questions you raised before you raised them? Humm! Have to give this some thought!

On the surface, it looks like the boxes crew are altogether altruistic in their motives for publishing the book. Mr Wellman is a logical and even engaging individual, while Mr. Musick is an intelligent, thoughtful and methodical individual. Are they what they appear on the surface or is there something deeper?  What situations might be considered?

If there is method to this madness, what might those senerio's be?  
1. Manufacture another "Hughes" so that the heir ship can be confused when the real heir claims by moving the date of death from 1976 to 2001 would allow ALL genetic illegitimate children of Howard to claim rights because the laws changed to recognize illegitimate children in the interim? 
2.  Strangle the statute of limitations on various claims related to heir-ship? 
3.  Create a new time line for the heir ship process because in 1976 ONLY "legitimate" heirs could claim, but if the death could be advanced in history, then a slew of "illegitimate" children might have a legal claim because the laws have changed and now allows them to collect??  Such shenanigans have a low probability of success but if enough schemes are ventured, then one is likely to get a hearing by some court?? 

Mr. Winn insists that Musick and Wellman are committing literary prostitution and scamming for money. Of course Mr. Winn with his lifetime income (worth several million: now I wonder what he did for that?)from the Howard Hughes Corporation (do they call that LEGAL prostitution?) (he will argue that point but the money originally came from them) would toe the party line. Would not someone who testified against his former fellow Romaine Street friends, fellow employees, fellow aides also testify against his present benefactors if it is to his benefit?

Geoff Schumacher has promised an opinion and comment but hasn't done so!  Strange for one so loquacious and ready with instant opinions in the past.  He certainly pooh, poohed the statements of myriad eyewitnesses in the past that reported seeing and talking to Howard when he was supposed to be hemmed in by aides in a stupor.  Hesitation is uncharacteristic of Mr. Schumacher, such would indicate doubt or perhaps confusion on the part of Geoff!

Did he start to doubt his own presumptuous assumptions of the past when he has talked to and questioned the researcher and writer of this tome?  Is he really confused as to what to think, or perhaps thinks it's a scam but doesn't want to irritate someone who might be influential in the future (generals are "generally" well connected: lol) , or perhaps he has decided to keep his mouth shut and do some real investigative reporting rather than to suck on the nipple of Howard's fame, further?????  Or is he too addicted to poking around in book bins and restaurants to get down and dirty in the  manginess of the real world? Methinks he doth consider himself in the manner of professor Higgins in "My Fair Lady".  Intellectural and above the fray.  Some lessons to be learned there, Geoff!

A movie is very likely (or course written and produced by Mr. Wellman) (Quote from Musick: "Doug wrote the book to be a movie") or perhaps a TV series where the "Nik" or the stories of one or both his "children" are episodes in the series.  ???  Perhaps Geoff intends to play himself in the movie, after all reality TV has taught us that the American public will swallow just about any garbage, that Hollyweird wants to throw at them!  "Movies don't have to be factual" (Perhaps Geoff would be at a loss to play himself in the movie!  These thought aren't intended to condemn or disparage Mr Wellman or Mr. Musick but are honest questions as to their intentions.  This detective would be remiss to ignore those possibilities! 

Will Mr. Wellman create literary history by secretly using Hughes children in his program and letting the viewers try to figure out the mystery and win a prize???  Will say; it beats the heck out of all the lame reality shows on TV nowadays!  Really: WHO wants to watch a reality show about a bunch of prostitutes, porn stars, smut peddlers, washed up celeb dancers and gold diggers?  That seems to be the mantra in the reality show business recently! Come on folks, doesn't a 100 year real mystery trump watching loose centerfolds, pretend to be sexual pardners to an old man with one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel?  After all! It's supposed to be reality, so lets get real!  

The "Boxes" crew deserve the benefit of the doubt, but when approached with an opportunity to do DNA on Nik's effects, they danced around the issue.  (Correction after post: Mark later requested the owner of "Niks" ranch to allow access to investigators with whom this blogger is familiar access.  This was very chancy, as his whole book deal is set up on there being NO proof that Verner was really Verner. Allowing impartial outsiders to investigate always disturbs set scripts)  IF they are REALLY interested in the TRUTH, wouldn't they jump at the opportunity?   Why haven't they?  What are the list of differential diagnosis'? 
A. Perhaps they know "Nik" wasn't Howard and want to avoid anyone getting his DNA.  Alternately, 
B. they may know he IS Howard and already have the DNA and don't want to tip their hand. 
C.What if the Nik story is intended to be a red herring to distract those searching for the real children or relatives of Howard and Jean. 
D.  Since museum workers have fingered Mark to have been actively seeking Howard's DNA off his effects, one would assume he "really" wants to compare the DNA but without anyone knowing.  That would indicate that he "already" has Nik's DNA and is just stonewalling until he can get a verified test from Howard or a relative. 
E.  At least two alleged Hughes children have had multiple murder attempts; could Mr. Musick and Mr. Wellman be a couple of the star wackers as mentioned by people lately and are trying to get inside the confidence of purported heirs so as to carry out the contract? Not an accusation but when life is on the line, you have to look at all angles!
F. Could the Boxes crew be a front for the Lummis/Gano faction to gather information on possible Hughes children?

Some other interesting developments is that the various "Lummis" interests seem to have been hemorrhaging vast amounts of money (at least that is what they are  allowing the public impression to be).  (I wonder if this is part of a plan to plea "it's all gone" if they get assessed for damages from a legitimate heir?))  Also, Will Lummis has withdrawn from public life and just this week Fred (Jr) Lummis suddenly and without explanation resigned as CEO of Cardtronics.  I wonder if they are moving assets to Switzerland and planning to move their residence to make serving supeona's difficult?  And what has happened to "cousin" Richard Gano who served as the California administrator during the purported "settlement" of Howard's estate?  If anyone knows his whereabouts, please email me. 


Anonymous said...
Here's an interesting post in line with your theory.


The movement of residual Howard Hughes money out of the US continues, with the policy of funding research facilities in foreign countries. This is counter to everything the fund was set up for and IMHO is just another attempt by the Lummis faction to move these funds beyond the reach of US courts.

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  1. box book says Eva kept everything,then turns around says Eva said
    SomeOne came in and stole sink&plumbing.Someone stole stuff out of
    the storage trailers.Mysterious ladycame to alabama talk her into move
    to Florida and this lady seemed to have stole stuff which later was
    missing. Cindy -HRH illegimate child-claims she ask for help - allow themto look over her stuff -it end missing.So is this good way of say somethingwithout back up story with no proof?Missing doc & stuff don't make story good?Eva claim made satelite call 1969 .She married HRH aka Nick in Panama.did anyOne check see if HRH circumcize
    or not against evidence Nick was or wasn't because size does matter ?You can't provesomething brown turn into blue blink of eye?
    Hughes supposedly had eye surgery boston?Hughes had body doubles used men like VanceCooper & Brooks Randle ?IF HRH germ phobiaand Nicoley - Vern Nicely germ phobia ,then whyin the picture of him in rose garden he did not have on rubber gloves as far as i am concerned dirt -would be a germ area so why was he in the garden?
    the air carriers flu /cold and mosquitos carry germs ?Of course when Howard Richard Hughes at planes he was around a lot of germs but of course their waskleenix,rubber gloves & other people to handle thingsso he did not have too that what hire __ is for?
    In HRH early part of his life he was exposed to lot germs.
    HRH womanizing & partying ways exposed alot of germs.
    Eva & Dee claims Nick had wandering eye he liked ladies.
    Nick Nicely aka HRH vanish for weeks & months at time.
    Eva claims HRH aka Nick start arguements with her ,
    because he did not hear her correctly and she come back.
    Nick and Eva did not have normal relationship sense of word?
    You can't say something not back it up say it was missing/ stolen?
    proven that out in world their maybe double of you not exactly you?
    john McDonald,Bob McDonald,Jack Dragna ,JohnnyRoselli?
    Nick Moretta ?Archie McDonald?June Lang married Roselli devorced ?
    Robert Maheu ties in caper deal with Giancana & Roselli Florida?
    moneytrail Nixon campaign money from HRH bagman Beebe?
    Money trail Nixon Teamsters pardon Hoffa deal later missing?
    Where is the picture of Nixon with Howard RIchard Hughes?