Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pictures Pertaining To Boxes Investigation

Pictures Received From Persons Cooperating in Our Search:One Left Click Enlarges: More as archive searched.

Very close up of shipping label Looks like August 10, 2000 to me but really someone who works for the post office should interpret this.
Tracking Label I think (I don't work for the post office).
Albert C Nichols Dogtag (Is this where Verner got the idea to call himself "Nik"??? Was this a friend from the Korean Conflict??? Did Verner know Paul B Winn in Korea when when was with the negotiating team to get an armistice for the Korean war? Well Paul???  Here's an interesting Obit: Albert C Nichols was born on 04/13/1923 and died on 06/11/1997. Albert Nichols is buried in the cemetery: Good Hope Cemetery, which is located in Troy, AL. Another obit:Albert "Al" C. Nichols, 89, a life time resident of Des Moines, Iowa, passed away on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. I'm betting on the one in Troy! Just TOOO Close!!
Notice the box in the top left corner. Undisturbed condition.
Dog Tags from a fellow soldier of Nik's?????????  Is this where Verner got the name Nik? From Albert C "Nik" Nichols???
Official military form showing the children of Veron Nicely: Paul Verner Nicely and Gary Dale Nicely. 
Pawn Stars Parking lot during one of the investigator's trips
Nik and Eva's apartment in Goshen
Mandalay Bay while investigator was interviewing Las Vegas persons who still had a bunch of Howard's papers and effects!
Car Mark Musick drove from Cobb County Ga to Troy Alabama
Sample of I think "Nik's" writing (Not a writing expert)  A lot of the pictures were obtained by an independent investigator that visited the "farm" of Nik Nicely as described in the "Boxes" book by Douglas Wellman and Mark Musick
Sample of "Niks" or Eva's writing, think it's Nik because of the technical writing about a very specific Khroler commode!
Above is a pic of the Nik's ramp of "Boxes".  Note that someone has built him a ramp. He also slept in a hospital bed with VA monogrammed sheets.  It was from one of these bloody sheets that the the investigator obtained the positive DNA profile as posted in an earlier post on this blog.  

We had some discussion about the pic of the box below, it is evidently a box mailed to Nic Nicely from his relatives in the Nicely clan during the time he was supposed to be Howard in hiding????? No conclusions here but we wondered why "Howard" would be getting packages from "Niks" relatives when they supposedly hadn't heard from him in a long time???? A big question there!
Shipping label of Box from Nicely to Nik the date is bearly descernable
Eva's plastic

Mark Musick speaking near Nik's "ranch"
Large box from Nicely relatives to "Nik"


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