Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I didn't know: But this post is ironic!

Monday, January 17, 2011

(Update March 13, 2013)  We didn't know at the time but this was the beginning of the end for the Howard Hughes in Alabama theory. After many months of searching we found Gary Dale Nicely in Washington DC and he committed to a swab test (he even did it himself while the nurse watched (no chance of contamination)).  His swab matched the one below as a son and that blew the idea of Howard Hughes in Alabama clear out ot the water. His DNA matched the person inhabiting the VA bed at the Alabama "ranch". That person conclusively was VERNER NICELY and therefore was NOT Howard Hughes.  Funny to look back on this post now!  WE HAD FALLEN FOR MARK'S CON TOO!

It is time for the con artists to put up or shut up! Howard Robard Hughes DNA??

Here is a DNA profile from a person who 3 people have testified, the sample belonged to Howard Robard Hughes Jr. (Note: 3/9/2012:  We have gathered considerable evidence that suggests that the person from whom this DNA was obtained was Verner Nicely and no one else. Definitive proof is in the process and should be available shortly).  In getting access to this sample I avoided input from anyone with an ax to grind.  It's up to the public now and law enforcement!

Please feel free to compare your DNA to this person, Law enforcement may even want to search the CODIS data base for relatives.  You might just get surprised.  If you get a match, please email me the particulars and I'll help you further.  Media and the curious will be ignored.  DNA from new posters who can present lab certified chain of custody DNA will be taken seriously.  Other con artists etc will also be ignored.

System Locus Reference Swab
D3S1358 16,  19
THO1   6
D21S11 29, 30:
D18S51 13, 16:
PENTA E  15, 17:
D5S818  12,
D13S317  12   13:
D7S820    9, 10:
D16S539    9:
CSF1PO 11, 12;
PENTA D 10,  13
Amelogenin X, Y:
vWA    17:
D8S1179   14  15
TPOX 8,  10
FGA 22  25

This was entered by hand to protect private information from other individuals tested on the same form.  This profile was checked 3 times by more than one method.  DNA techs are welcome to compare this DNA with any below or from their own research and email us their conclusions as to relationships.  Thanks to all. 

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