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Verner's DNA

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We have profiles back for Howard Robard Junior's Preported DNA!

 UPDATE 3/17/2012 < It is now beleived that the DNA below was from a scam.  The DNA of this individual according to the statements of his son and from evidence gathered at the scene of his death, are thought to be that of Verner Dale Nicely. The motives of advancing this situation and even publishing a book on it are open to debate.  We would hope that those in high positions would be inquiring of their underlings, as to the existence of a black opp confuse and defuse scheme, and the objective of that scheme.>

We have had access to blood and body secretions from an individual that at least three reputable witnesses (Mark, Doug and Eva didn't turn out to be such good witnesses) are on record as declaring to have been  Howard Hughes Junior.  This profile is almost certainally simply Verner Nicely and NOT Howard Hughes.  We have another profile that is more likely Howard but are looking for verification before publishing it as such!  Those profiles are back and we are comparing them to possible relatives.  Any matches will be notified.  Those who have communicated with us and cooperated earlier will be given preference.  

Also we have been informed of the location of at least one DNA match already run on Howard Robard Hughes Junior, as well as an unimpeachable stored tissue sample of HRH's DNA.  (That makes THREE sources of Howard's DNA which we hope to have available for comparison purposes and for public release very soon).    Two other possible sources have also come forward with items from Howard's personal items but those are hard to test and will likely not be needed.  

This blogger has been amazed at the wide range of people from Howard's past who have come forward to help.  I would like to thank all those willing to help in this quest for truth and justice.  You know who you are, and you will get credit when this search is finalized.  We still need help in some areas, and family DNA from Howard's family and possible mother's families can still be cheaply stored as a buccal swab and saved in case future  backup proof is needed.  If you need help in taking such a sample or in storing it, just email HowardHughesDNA@gmail.com or HowardRHughesDNA@yahoo.com

Also it seems the Lummis family lawyers may well have already tested Howard's DNA and have the records at the Identigene laboratory in Houston, Texas. 

One source, tells us that these were available to them during much of the past 34 years and they were intentionally kept them secret and not revealed to the probate court. 

If this is true, then someone is likely facing some very severe jail time. (Anyone at Identigene want to come forward and make a deal?  We have two federal prosecuting attorney's that could be consulted about trading your testimony for a deal??)  

We have asked the source for verification from a second area and that is being gotten.  If that is true, then future possible damage awards can be doubled or tripled.  If that is true, that depository will be open to court order to compare our tests.  Of course by the time one could get such a court order, we fully expect that record if it exists to have gone the way of the Doo Doo bird, the Harris County forensics samples,  and the Nixon tapes.  We are backing up our tests to make that source unnecessary. 

As soon as our testing is complete, "Howard's" DNA will be posted on a number of sites .  Of course the children who have significant matches will be informed first so that they can take any action they deem necessary.  This step is considered necessary so as to prevent implicated individuals running  or moving the money offshore.  

For those who like to shoot rather than reason, these samples have been spread about to make the recovery and destruction of these samples impossible, so save yourself the hit fee, you can't stop it now.


Anonymous said...
Just FYI on the Hughes front. I have filed a claim with the IRS as a whistle blower to collect the reward from unpaid taxes by the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes, due to IMHO their invalidation of their tax exempt status. Here is the legal basis. 1. A tax exemption for any institution other than a religious one has no constitutional protection. Rather it is basically a contract between the state (the USA) and the organization. The organization claims and agrees that they are acting in the best interests of the citizens of the US and using to money to benefit further programs that are for the public good of the US citizens. In the case of the HHMI, to fund research and labs to research how to increase the health of US citizens. In return, the state (USA) exempts them from having to pay taxes and file financial papers to account for their business dealings. 2. Some time ago, the HHMI started giving grants to foreign nationals to further their education (not an original goal), and to finance their research. Now they have announced the intention to build labs for many of these foreign nationals in their native lands. 3. By financing foreign national, it is my contention that they breached the basic concept of their tax exempt status since it no longer benefited US citizens. Secondly by financing the building of labs in foreign countries owned by foreign nationals, they are moving the money into a realm that does not benefit the US citizenry by any stretch of the imagination and their for have forfeited their tax exempt status. Contention: From the moment of their first grant to fund foreign national education or research, they have been acting against the best interests of the citizenry who were financing the Institute and from that point taxes are owing to the IRS. Contention: By elucidating this rule of law and bring it to the attention of the IRS, I am entitled to the reward of 10% of owed taxes, not only by HHMI but by All tax exempt organizations who are in violation of their tax exempt status due to financing foreign national.

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