Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mark Musick and Doug Wellman's "Boxes" book is a lie! PERIOD!!

I have interviewed Nic Nicely's family, they were aware of Nic living in the Troy, Ala. area and even called him often and sent him letters and packages (see the pic of one held by Gary).  Gary told how Mark came to his house and interviewed him, BEFORE, having Doug write the Boxes book.   Gary told how Mark simply ignored those facts when talking to him!  This tells us that Eva knew full well that Nic was not Howard Hughes and also that any story between her and Mark was hatched, either by one or both.  One thing is for sure, Mark knew from the beginning that Nic Wasn't Howard but fostered the idea for other reasons than truth!

We have been researching WHY these two would foster this prevarication and have come to some interesting conclusions! 

More on that later!  (Yes Mark, we know you follow this blog closely on your hand held devices and we also know your record of vehicle rentals from Atlanta, GA and other places.  Did YOU know that many rental cars now have GPS transponders on them, so your travels and assignations are not secret!!!!  If you really want to play spy, you need to attend your back story more closely.)  Sorry, if this caused you to miss that promotion you expected, that awe of your stars is wearing pretty thin nowadays isn't it!!!

This travesty of American justice is becoming plainer by the day and it is our hope that these two will be prosecuted as part of a larger design to pervert the American justice system.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interesting comment on Howard Hughes Childern blog!

Cut and pasted here!

Being that you have been floating theories, how about this one. Note I am useing your habit of numbering items.
1. Howard was replaced by the CIA after the 1946 spy plane crash.
2. Jean Peters was a plant by the CIA to insure that if the "plant" for Howard got killed in a public accident they could still control his assets.
3. You obviously are missing some major pieces with the players here or you would be getting a lot of positive results. Just bear with me and you may get a new angle.
4. Now when you interviewed Shirley she said, "Jean did not have any children." But Richard muttered under his breath if copy of this is accurate, "At least not by Howard Hughes." Let's assume both of those statements are true, then Jean may well have had a child by the man she was living with and who she married. He could well have been posing as a "fake" Howard but a "real" husband to Jean. Ergo! The problem of making this pregnacy public. The child wasn't Howard's and if someone in school got wise and did blood tests or as DNA became available to the public, he was tested, then the whole CIA scam would colappse! Ergo: the neccessity of keeping both the child and the pregnancy secret! Richard, through trying to not tell an outright lie may have given you the real clue you need!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Open Letter to Shirley Cook, Richard Cook, EJ Brandreth and their families!

Here's an interesting post from the Howard Hughes DNA blog!

We are aware that you have declined to have your DNA tested and compared even though Judd works with a company that is in that industry and knows that it is not dangerous or invasive. However here are some facts about how we think you are being manipulated that may change your minds.

1.  The person who accosted you and frightened you was named Scott Harold (The person below described is Jon Harold Lavine, we beleive he is one and the same person((not much of an alias)). He gave you a crazy act calculated to get you to have an aversion (a subconscious disgust toward a person, idea or concept). (More on this person below).  He did the same thing on several sites (Eastman's genealogy site for one) which brought up this subject. He can't do his entire crazy act here (some of it was filthy) because we will delete the nutso act in a heartbeat and he knows it!!  His whole act was calculated to make you react with disgust when someone mentions the subject. Let me enlighten you of how we feel you have been manipulated.

2.  If you visit the espionage museum you will see that spies would hide an information drop in a waterproof canister inside a dead cat or in a pile of dog manure. Why?  In order to make sure no one would interfere with their secret information.  Now that technique is also used by private investigators and spy agencies to make people avoid discussing a subject. They associate that subject with a detestable situation so that the person just naturally avoids the subject. Now we feel that was the object of Jon Harold, we feel he was a "contractor" hired to make sure that you develop a subconscious aversion to the subject of Howard Hughes having children. The principle is, "Hide a diamond in a pile of manure and no one will find it."  He piled manure on your subconscious!!!

3.  A private investigator by the name of "Jon Harold LaVine" has been trying to do the same thing to other people searching for children of Howard.  He has been on an email, phishing and identity phishing campaign to introduce bloggers, researchers and investigators who are interested in this subject to give up their search.  He has introduced, "faith healing", "aliens implanting objects", and every other weird subject imaginable into the discussion to try to "bury their diamonds of logic in his piles of manure" so they will avoid the subject.

4.  We also feel he has engaged in certain questionable and probably illegal actions which involves hacking email accounts associated with the search for Howard's children, cell phone hacking and tracking, threat by insinuation, stalking, harassment and also borderline blackmail by trying to use personal information he thinks he has dug up to endeavor to make researchers quit their searches.

5.  If you will do an Internet search you will find that a certain "Jon Harold LaVine" taught for a while at a community college in Florida and also authored certain works on using language and imagery to manipulate people.  YES! It seems that this man has published works on using words as weapons of manipulation.

6. Jon Harold Lavine has claimed to be the son of Howard Hughes Jr.  He has invented visits by Howard a number of times, mostly to invent "evidence" that he is kin to some one or other of the DNA sequences published on our site. 

7.  "Jon Harold Lavine" claimed that Howard told him he was going to Alabama and tried to convince us that the Nik Nicely invention was a reality. We know that was an outright lie and it is proved by DNA.  The person's DNA in that trailer matched Gary Dale Nicely. Something that Howard could never do. Caught in that lie, he then claimed to be Gary Dale's brother!  One lie leading on from the last!

8. I caught Jon Harold Lavine (or the person pretending to be him) sending copies of my emails to Howard Hughes Medical Institutes.  He was evidently reporting to someone there.
9. We are convinced that "someone" has hired Jon Harold LaVine to keep track of anyone looking into Howard's children and to do his "mind tricks" an if that doesn't work, they may well be trying more drastic measures.

NOW IT IS UP TO YOU, ARE YOU GOING TO LET YOURSELF BE MANIPULATED AND FRIGHTENED BY A HIRED BRAINWASH SPECIALIST?  You don't even have to let us see your DNA!  WE WILL PAY YOUR TEST CHARGES IN ADVANCE AND YOU CAN FILL OUT THE FORM FORM and have THE LAB RESULTS TO BE RETURNED ONLY TO YOU!!  Please just have it done!  We have no interest in trying to take anything from you, we are financially secure. We are just looking for the truth. We believe we have already found it!  You have nothing to lose but your fear and might even find it very liberating!!!  Or, you can have your DNA tested (EJ you need to have your Mitrochrondial DNA only done) (Shirley you need to have both the Paternal and Mitrochrondial DNA sequenced) totally on your own and satisfy your own curiosity!!!  Compare yours to the ones on our site and satisfy yourself, if it generates interest, contact us and we can talk about one's that haven't been published due to privacy issues.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boxes Book Proven to Be a Fake

The evidence gained from Verner Nicely's trailer and tested for DNA and then over a year later the DNA taken from his son Gary Dale Nicely and tested by independent labs conclusively prove that the two were father and son. That being the case, the inhabitant of the VA hospital bed on the "ranch" was Verner Nicely. Amazingly these spin doctors had the "GALL" to suggest that GARY was Howard's son. What a bunch of claptrap?  Until they can explain away conclusive DNA tests, I would suggest these CIA spin artist go back to "The Farm" and concoct another cover story because this one sure don't hold water! ROFL  Any first year science student can postulate and test their theory and it doesn't hold water.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Would Mark Musick and Doug Wellman Write Boxes?

Now that the DNA is back and there is little doubt the book was a red herring, what possible motive could there have been for the whole process they went through?

After an inferative review of the book and associated data we were struck with some things.
1. There is NO PROOF VERNER NICELY ever claimed to be Howard Hughes. All the information came from EVA. She REPORTED everything Verner was supposed to have said.
The Nicely family only laughed and indicated the hadn't heard of that before Mark started circulating it, but did say, "Dad could really tell some whoppers!"

2. Eva worked at an AIR BASE in Panama!  She worked a desk!

3.Verner worked on the planes as a civilian contractor! This smells like EVA was a was a non NOC worker who managed CIA logistics in the field in central America (we all know Central America was a CIA playground at that time).  She may have been in cahoots with Mark and the CIA or Mark could have been a patsy (not real likely) or she may have had other CIA assets helping her that had been recruited off the USS Ogden in San Diego and who has tried to con people into believing this drivel ever since!!

3.  Mark is AIR FORCE!  What you say that a review of his and Eva's service record shows them BOTH serving in Central America during the time period that Nic was down there????  Makes sense don't it.  Want to bet that Eva and Mark worked together before?
4.  Who MADE SURE (or so she thought) that no one could dig up Verner's body and test it for DNA?  RIGHT EVA!!!!  When she claimed he was Howard ONLY AFTER she had burned the body was the real stink of a setup!  The CIA always tries to destroy the red herring before calling it a salmon.  They could not have imagined that a bloody sheet still existed at the bottom of the trash pile in Nic's bathroom and that a shower curtain had keep any moisture from degrading it!

5.  People!!! In our opinion this smells to high heaven of a CIA red herring operation concocted by Mark and EVA to distract and destroy any REAL evidence of what REALLY happened to Howard.

6. WHY would the CIA want to mess with this??? Interestingly Howard's CLOSEST relative was rumored to have been assigned chairmanship of the HHMI!  Now IF the CIA is still using the HHMI as an undercover asset (to monitor research and set up foreign assets) it might be really problematic if someone could definitively prove that a close genetic relative actually exists and that person be of a religion that unMormonlike doesn't take part in political affairs like Quakers, conscientious objectors etc. Would really mess up the spook business to have their assets inherited by a dove!  Kind of ironic don't you think?

I have reviewed recordings of Mark's statements and Dougs and talked with an observer who is supposed to have a photographic memory and had that person write down everything they observed about Doug and Mark. Here are the facts as far as I can discern.

1. Mark was a Major General in the Air guard. I would assume he had served in previous missions in the air force. One report had him flying 200 missions, and another report claimed he flew missions for the CIA (these reports are unverified).
2. Doug has high security clearance, (THIS IS CERTAIN AND FROM DOUG'S OWN MOUTH)   having produced several documentaries about serving politicians and filming even in Washington and the White House. (with 2 presidents, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan???)
3. Doug's security even allowed him access to past presidents of the US.
4.  Mark flew a number of highly sensitive missions and also had a high security clearance.
5.  Howard was intimately involved with CIA projects.
6.  Directly after publishing Boxes, Dough took a  firearms course (FROM DOUG'S OWN MOUTH) in the Nevada desert designed to prepare persons who might be attacked (why do it at this point in his life?).  I understand that these weapons courses are required by the US security establishment if a person is to work for them and carry a weapon!  (Strange that he need this so late in life!)
7.  Doug is identified rather intimately with very conservative politicians in general.  His public comments are almost undistilled neo con and tea party blurbs!  Interestingly a certain past president with identical views to Doug's also was CIA director during the time Howard sickened and died and was kept from public view by his keepers!
8. A private investigator who claims to be a son of HRH exhibits the identical political views as Doug. He was caught emailing Howard Hughes Medical Institutes with information about Howard's children.
9.  Even though in our opinion HHMI has blatantly violated it's tax exempt status contract with the American people by financing foreign students and building facilities in foreign countries and acting like a proxy state department by delivering funds and seed to foreign entities the US tax officials refuse to address the issue and totally ignore it.  I suggest it may simply be a front for the CIA since it seems immune to US tax and oversight laws.
10.  Mark traveled around the US ostensibly "searching" for Howard's dna on articles Howard left behind but in fact as a museum curator stated, "their methods were so destructive that we will not allow the items to be tested again!"  Let me suggest that Mark was more interested in "destroying" any source of Howard's dna rather than preserving it! 

What can be deduced from the above facts (as we understand them?) and the results of the actions to publish the " Boxes" book????

The result of Mark and Doug's actions has been to destroy and obscure from public view certain evidence that would disprove their claims.  The Nicely's were available to him for DNA testing at any time but even after the sheet was found and the DNA obtained, he did not venture that he knew where Gary and his brother were (even though he visited them), and he certainally DID NOT try to get their DNA to check againt Verner's (or Howard's as he supposed). It took us over a year to track Gary down and get the DNA.  Since we exposed this book, Mark and Doug have ignored emails sent to them to inquire as to their opinions.  To us this looks like they knew Verner was Verner all along and were more interested in a con than the truth!!! 

As such we must postulate that their real intent was to run as a red herring in front of anyone searching for Howard's dna and remove any possible source that could be obtained by a public person (why else use destructive means when it isn't necessary).  Ex. When Mark was informed by an investigator that Verner's shoes were a very likely source of Verner's dna he hurried over to the "ranch" with Dewayne's truck and was observed tossing Verner's dry shoes into the truck bed. This in spite of the mosture conditions of the night air.  Obviously he either was ignorant of proper procedure or he just wanted to remove sources that might be found by someone else.  He did not use rubber gloves either which are necessary procedure when legitimately trying to get DNA test items.

Our conclusion is that the Boxes project was likely a red herring project started up by the CIA to cover up their involvement to submarine Howard's children.  The project succeeded in irritating a number of people into being unhelpful (and scaring the Bejesus out of the whole Shirley Cook family, we stopped talking to that family as the fear in their eyes was morbid), intimidating others by non disclosure agreements (another favorite CIA tool) into not talking. In essence the Boxes fiasco was in our opinion foisted to muddy the waters of a search for Howard's children and we suspect those involved to include the management of HHMI.

Friday, August 3, 2012


This is an open challenge to Mark Musick and Doug Wellman as well as their media front man Richard Pierisol!  We have paid for the DNA to be tested on the material in Verner's trailer. We tracked down Gary Nicely!  We published the results!  We have NO motive for scamming anyone here!!!  The truth is the truth!!!

 Mark did tests several times including on the shoes he took from the trailer. He has the same DNA results that we do. He can go test Gary or Verner Jr at will.  The DNA evidence points to the BOXES book as being a fraud.  Verner and GARY match at EVERY LOCUS!

In our opinion the reason Mark WON'T go and double check it because then he would have to admit that a JANITOR was smarter than he and his movie producer Doug and his "experts" put together. This con has went on too long!  Mark, I you made this mistake in honestly then say so!!!  Don't make me give this information to a prosecution attorney and ask him to show you up!  You didn't get to be a multi starred general by not having casualties!  It's a part of life, in our opinion this book is a victim of modern tech that allows us to check spurious claims!  Take it's dog tags and be a man and give it a decent burial!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why the Boxes Book?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why the Boxes book, Mark Musick, Douglas Wellman and others?

 Update: Nov: 25, 2011. ON Mark, Doug and their Publisher: You guys seem to be very interested in checking this post virtually daily but have very little interest in the DNA profiles. (a search from aol indicates Paul B Winn, similarily a search of palm and other had held searches indicates Mark, (his brand and operating system were noted by a surveilance person)  The US gov imho from the other patterns are intensely interested in the DNA profiles.  Now I ask myself, why the disparity?  Is Mark still working for the gov and if so why is his searches different?  Did you get the same DNA profile back from the shoes that the other tester got?  Or did you already know the answers to the questions you raised before you raised them? Humm! Have to give this some thought!

On the surface, it looks like the boxes crew are altogether altruistic in their motives for publishing the book. Mr Wellman is a logical and even engaging individual, while Mr. Musick is an intelligent, thoughtful and methodical individual. Are they what they appear on the surface or is there something deeper?  What situations might be considered?

If there is method to this madness, what might those senerio's be?  
1. Manufacture another "Hughes" so that the heir ship can be confused when the real heir claims by moving the date of death from 1976 to 2001 would allow ALL genetic illegitimate children of Howard to claim rights because the laws changed to recognize illegitimate children in the interim? 
2.  Strangle the statute of limitations on various claims related to heir-ship? 
3.  Create a new time line for the heir ship process because in 1976 ONLY "legitimate" heirs could claim, but if the death could be advanced in history, then a slew of "illegitimate" children might have a legal claim because the laws have changed and now allows them to collect??  Such shenanigans have a low probability of success but if enough schemes are ventured, then one is likely to get a hearing by some court?? 

Mr. Winn insists that Musick and Wellman are committing literary prostitution and scamming for money. Of course Mr. Winn with his lifetime income (worth several million: now I wonder what he did for that?)from the Howard Hughes Corporation (do they call that LEGAL prostitution?) (he will argue that point but the money originally came from them) would toe the party line. Would not someone who testified against his former fellow Romaine Street friends, fellow employees, fellow aides also testify against his present benefactors if it is to his benefit?

Geoff Schumacher has promised an opinion and comment but hasn't done so!  Strange for one so loquacious and ready with instant opinions in the past.  He certainly pooh, poohed the statements of myriad eyewitnesses in the past that reported seeing and talking to Howard when he was supposed to be hemmed in by aides in a stupor.  Hesitation is uncharacteristic of Mr. Schumacher, such would indicate doubt or perhaps confusion on the part of Geoff!

Did he start to doubt his own presumptuous assumptions of the past when he has talked to and questioned the researcher and writer of this tome?  Is he really confused as to what to think, or perhaps thinks it's a scam but doesn't want to irritate someone who might be influential in the future (generals are "generally" well connected: lol) , or perhaps he has decided to keep his mouth shut and do some real investigative reporting rather than to suck on the nipple of Howard's fame, further?????  Or is he too addicted to poking around in book bins and restaurants to get down and dirty in the  manginess of the real world? Methinks he doth consider himself in the manner of professor Higgins in "My Fair Lady".  Intellectural and above the fray.  Some lessons to be learned there, Geoff!

A movie is very likely (or course written and produced by Mr. Wellman) (Quote from Musick: "Doug wrote the book to be a movie") or perhaps a TV series where the "Nik" or the stories of one or both his "children" are episodes in the series.  ???  Perhaps Geoff intends to play himself in the movie, after all reality TV has taught us that the American public will swallow just about any garbage, that Hollyweird wants to throw at them!  "Movies don't have to be factual" (Perhaps Geoff would be at a loss to play himself in the movie!  These thought aren't intended to condemn or disparage Mr Wellman or Mr. Musick but are honest questions as to their intentions.  This detective would be remiss to ignore those possibilities! 

Will Mr. Wellman create literary history by secretly using Hughes children in his program and letting the viewers try to figure out the mystery and win a prize???  Will say; it beats the heck out of all the lame reality shows on TV nowadays!  Really: WHO wants to watch a reality show about a bunch of prostitutes, porn stars, smut peddlers, washed up celeb dancers and gold diggers?  That seems to be the mantra in the reality show business recently! Come on folks, doesn't a 100 year real mystery trump watching loose centerfolds, pretend to be sexual pardners to an old man with one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel?  After all! It's supposed to be reality, so lets get real!  

The "Boxes" crew deserve the benefit of the doubt, but when approached with an opportunity to do DNA on Nik's effects, they danced around the issue.  (Correction after post: Mark later requested the owner of "Niks" ranch to allow access to investigators with whom this blogger is familiar access.  This was very chancy, as his whole book deal is set up on there being NO proof that Verner was really Verner. Allowing impartial outsiders to investigate always disturbs set scripts)  IF they are REALLY interested in the TRUTH, wouldn't they jump at the opportunity?   Why haven't they?  What are the list of differential diagnosis'? 
A. Perhaps they know "Nik" wasn't Howard and want to avoid anyone getting his DNA.  Alternately, 
B. they may know he IS Howard and already have the DNA and don't want to tip their hand. 
C.What if the Nik story is intended to be a red herring to distract those searching for the real children or relatives of Howard and Jean. 
D.  Since museum workers have fingered Mark to have been actively seeking Howard's DNA off his effects, one would assume he "really" wants to compare the DNA but without anyone knowing.  That would indicate that he "already" has Nik's DNA and is just stonewalling until he can get a verified test from Howard or a relative. 
E.  At least two alleged Hughes children have had multiple murder attempts; could Mr. Musick and Mr. Wellman be a couple of the star wackers as mentioned by people lately and are trying to get inside the confidence of purported heirs so as to carry out the contract? Not an accusation but when life is on the line, you have to look at all angles!
F. Could the Boxes crew be a front for the Lummis/Gano faction to gather information on possible Hughes children?

Some other interesting developments is that the various "Lummis" interests seem to have been hemorrhaging vast amounts of money (at least that is what they are  allowing the public impression to be).  (I wonder if this is part of a plan to plea "it's all gone" if they get assessed for damages from a legitimate heir?))  Also, Will Lummis has withdrawn from public life and just this week Fred (Jr) Lummis suddenly and without explanation resigned as CEO of Cardtronics.  I wonder if they are moving assets to Switzerland and planning to move their residence to make serving supeona's difficult?  And what has happened to "cousin" Richard Gano who served as the California administrator during the purported "settlement" of Howard's estate?  If anyone knows his whereabouts, please email me. 


Anonymous said...
Here's an interesting post in line with your theory.


The movement of residual Howard Hughes money out of the US continues, with the policy of funding research facilities in foreign countries. This is counter to everything the fund was set up for and IMHO is just another attempt by the Lummis faction to move these funds beyond the reach of US courts.