Friday, August 3, 2012


This is an open challenge to Mark Musick and Doug Wellman as well as their media front man Richard Pierisol!  We have paid for the DNA to be tested on the material in Verner's trailer. We tracked down Gary Nicely!  We published the results!  We have NO motive for scamming anyone here!!!  The truth is the truth!!!

 Mark did tests several times including on the shoes he took from the trailer. He has the same DNA results that we do. He can go test Gary or Verner Jr at will.  The DNA evidence points to the BOXES book as being a fraud.  Verner and GARY match at EVERY LOCUS!

In our opinion the reason Mark WON'T go and double check it because then he would have to admit that a JANITOR was smarter than he and his movie producer Doug and his "experts" put together. This con has went on too long!  Mark, I you made this mistake in honestly then say so!!!  Don't make me give this information to a prosecution attorney and ask him to show you up!  You didn't get to be a multi starred general by not having casualties!  It's a part of life, in our opinion this book is a victim of modern tech that allows us to check spurious claims!  Take it's dog tags and be a man and give it a decent burial!!!

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