Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mark Musick and Doug Wellman's "Boxes" book is a lie! PERIOD!!

I have interviewed Nic Nicely's family, they were aware of Nic living in the Troy, Ala. area and even called him often and sent him letters and packages (see the pic of one held by Gary).  Gary told how Mark came to his house and interviewed him, BEFORE, having Doug write the Boxes book.   Gary told how Mark simply ignored those facts when talking to him!  This tells us that Eva knew full well that Nic was not Howard Hughes and also that any story between her and Mark was hatched, either by one or both.  One thing is for sure, Mark knew from the beginning that Nic Wasn't Howard but fostered the idea for other reasons than truth!

We have been researching WHY these two would foster this prevarication and have come to some interesting conclusions! 

More on that later!  (Yes Mark, we know you follow this blog closely on your hand held devices and we also know your record of vehicle rentals from Atlanta, GA and other places.  Did YOU know that many rental cars now have GPS transponders on them, so your travels and assignations are not secret!!!!  If you really want to play spy, you need to attend your back story more closely.)  Sorry, if this caused you to miss that promotion you expected, that awe of your stars is wearing pretty thin nowadays isn't it!!!

This travesty of American justice is becoming plainer by the day and it is our hope that these two will be prosecuted as part of a larger design to pervert the American justice system.