Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Star Journal Richard Piersol

Monday, March 19, 2012

Richard Piersol: Sums up controversy: Avoids stepping in anything messy or on toes: Including mine;

Here's the link to his article, posted today!


Obviously he has read this blog. They say in the movies that ANY publicity is good! That may be true in this instance. We intend to provide a press conference with a DNA researcher familiar with this case who can describe his personal part in it.  Most of our people will still stay anonymous as it helps us to quietly research, a chance conversation will reveal much but if people are forewarned they become non-cooperative.  Having no face also avoids giving a convenient target for naysayers and the occasional nuisance law suit.  Although getting something out of the bloggers on here is akin to squeezing blood from a turnip! Some persons mentioned in this blog have been seeing defense attorneys and we are hoping that that portends a more open and pliable attitude from certain people with DNA needed in this quest.

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