Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apology and All Things Paul Winn

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Apology: To Paul B Winn

When Paul Winn labeled the Nik book as Clifford Irving Hoax on Steroids, We thought he was pretty much spouting the Will Lummis party line. At first we pretty much believed Musick and company but after a couple years of research, we have pretty much changed our opinion too. Mr. Winn got this one right it appears!  Our investigators have spent a lot of time and money tracing out lines of inquiry and this one appears to be pretty much the end of the trail!

Mr. Winn you need to understand that to be RIGHT is not enough, One must be able to PROVE they are right. My duty is to get hard evidence and not spend my opinion unless it serves to get me proof. I sometimes take the opposite side when someone proclaims strong opinions just to test their statements! Sometimes people take that need for proof as being their enemy! I guess that is just part of the territory! No hard feelings I hope!  One of our investigators has a high opinion of you, he was right this time.

There are still a couple of things outstanding that might supply a surprise or two but we would also like to apologize to those who we may have inconvenienced by our testing out the Boxes theory. But at least you have helped us get some proof. Finding Gary Nicely and the rest of his family has pretty much put the quash on what faith I had left in Boxes!  Gary's story is just too detailed to be faked in my opinion!  So Sans, some huge surprise, in a few days we should be able to call this one closed!  There are still other lines of inquiry open!
Update: 4/2/2012 The DNA from Gary Nicely came back and is available to certified news sources. A listing of the profile is elsewhere on this blog. 

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