Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gary Nicely DNA and Verner's Compared!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

The DNA is back for Gary Dale Nicely! It's a Match to Verner!

 Update:4/2/2012 We have given Doug and Mark a heads up on this but there is nothing but silence from their end. I guess they have decided that the best policy is to be quiet. I've seen noting in the news where they have quit selling the book, so they may be sticking by their story!
It is this blogger's opinion that Mark likely knew the truth of this matter some time ago as he was taking items from Nik's "ranch" for DNA testing long before we showed up. Guess that answers who will be calling us "bums" doesn't it? Note: The DNA profile of Gary Dale Nicely is posted on the lab's website.  We will give certified news media direct access to the profile as well as anyone with a certified need to know.  Verner's is on the same site but since it is over a year old, it is archived.  There is a healthy charge by the lab for re accessing that data, but any cooperative news media who wants to pay the fees can have that access too.  End update:

As I'm typing this, I'm just wondering who will be calling us bums tomorrow. The lab has notified that Gary's profile will be posted this afternoon.  If it matches the one from "Nik's" trailer, then likely Mark and Doug will be calling us bums although I suspect that Mark got a positive  profile from the shoes he threw in Dewayne's truck and knows the profile on the site is from the ranch!   If it doesn't match, then Paul and the Lummis side will likely be thumbing their noses!  All we can do is post what it shows. You make your own judgement. Better yet get some TV big mouthed FOX person to make loud statements about it!  Really, isn't the loudest shouter on those shows right???? lol  It irks me to no end to see people spending opinions, getting paid tons to just fill the air with nothing of substance!  What ever happened to proof like we have below???

Here's the profile two investigators obtained from the trailer where the "Nik"  "Verner Nicely" from the Boxes book lived and lay in a bed with VA hospital sheets.  This profile is from bloody bed sheet with a VA monogram that had been covered up in the corner of the bathroom.
"Nik" is on the Left side, and Gary Dale Nicely is on the right side in the chart below. This should settle the identity of the person living in the "ranch" described in the Boxes book. Anyone who doesn't believe their eyes can contact us and we will authorize the sending of copies of these results straight from the lab, but you will have to pay the fees, we've already got about 40 grand in this investigation!!! We are looking at how to photo copy these tests and make them public on this blog. A picture is probably the best route but we'll have to work it out! People who need hard proof might be provided a hard copy but would have to pay the mailing etc.  The lab gets pretty pricey after 6 months and Nik's is pretty old!  Right now we have much more important business to take care of!

"Nik"  Verner  Nicely                                                                Gary Dale Nicely
System Locus Reference Swab                       System Locus Reference Swab
D3S1358 16,  19                                           D3S1358  17, 19 Match x1
THO1   6                                                      TH01  6  Match x2
D21S11 29, 30                                              D21S11 29, 30 Matchx2                           
D18S51 13, 16:                                               D18S51 13 Match x1
PENTA E  15, 17:                                           Penta E  7, 15 Match x1
D5S818  12,                                                    D5S818  12 Match x1
D13S317  12   13:                                           D13S317  12 Match x1
D7S820    9, 10:                                              D7S820  9 Match x2
D16S539    9:                                                  D16S539  9, Match x2
CSF1PO 11, 12;                                             CSF1PO   19, 12 Match X1                                  
PENTA D 10,  13                                         Penta D  10, 13 Match x2
Amelogenin X, Y:                                        Amelogenin XY Match x2

vWA  17                                                       vWA 16, 17  Match x1
D8S1179  14, 15                                           D8S1179 13, 14  Match x1
TPOX 8,  10                                                 TPOX  8, 9 Match x1
FGA 22  25                                                    FGA  22, 23 Match x1

You make up your own mind but as for mine, the Boxes book is busted, in my humble opinion and evidently in the humble opinion of the DNA of "Nik" (now shown to be simply Verner) and his son Gary Dale Nicely. I'm not a DNA scientist, but these two profiles show as much matching as any I have ever seen.  Much closer than my matches to known siblings which we have on file. 
Note: Mr. Ogden: The above is what a "true" match looks like between father and son, not the ones you tried to con off on us!

We think somebody fabricated the story but now the question is!!! Who? Did Nik con Eva, did Eva con Mark and Doug or did Mark and Doug con everyone? 

 Another alternative that sounds "conspiracy theoryish" but possible is that someone was digging a little to close to some "inconvenient truths" and this whole thing was a "confuse and defuse" opp.  That option must be considered when you factor in the backgrounds of the people involved, in my opinion! 

This coupled with the pretender "security consultant" who was advancing all kinds of wild theories, in an attempt to "entrap" these bloggers into endorsing "wild" notions, so that word entrapment could later be used to show our "craziness" and dilute our moral authority in the event we did ever find the final truth about Howard.  Just a thought! This man taught and wrote books about how to use words as weapons so this angle of attack against us is not farfetched. 

And on top of that, inquiring journalists several of whom are intensely interested NOT in the DNA evidence but in the IDENTITY of these bloggers. Now that begs the question of ARE THEY INTERESTED IN THE PROOF,  or are they interested in bashing the messenger?  

The yellow journalism of today's media seems more concerned with sensationalism (or hacking a victim's phone) than in stating the truth. But in a world where a picture up the dress of a pop singer gets world wide attention but the starving and dying of millions of people no longer is written about by much of the main stream media, one has to wonder what is being taught in journalism schools nowadays?

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