Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Big Problems For Boxes, Mark Musick and Doug Wellman

Big Problems For "Boxes", Mark Musick, and Doug Wellman!

 Update: 3/28/2012 We have the DNA back from Gary Dale Nicely and as suspected it matches. Now considering that half your DNA is inherited from mother and half from father, then at least 1 allele should match at each locus for the father. It did! Here's the two profiles, you make the call!

"Nik"  Verner  Nicely                                                                Gary Dale Nicely

System Locus Reference Swab                       System Locus Reference Swab
D3S1358 16,  19                                           D3S1358  17, 19 Match x1
THO1   6                                                      TH01  6  Match x2
D21S11 29, 30                                              D21S11 29, 30 Matchx2                           
D18S51 13, 16:                                               D18S51 13 Match x1
PENTA E  15, 17:                                           Penta E  7, 15 Match x1
D5S818  12,                                                    D5S818  12 Match x1
D13S317  12   13:                                           D13S317  12 Match x1
D7S820    9, 10:                                              D7S820  9 Match x2
D16S539    9:                                                  D16S539  9, Match x2
CSF1PO 11, 12;                                             CSF1PO   19, 12 Match X1                                  
PENTA D 10,  13                                         Penta D  10, 13 Match x2
Amelogenin X, Y:                                        Amelogenin XY Match x2

vWA  17                                                       vWA 16, 17  Match x1
D8S1179  14, 15                                           D8S1179 13, 14  Match x1
TPOX 8,  10                                                 TPOX  8, 9 Match x1
FGA 22  25                                                    FGA  22, 23 Match x1
End Update

Please understand that we take no joy in reporting these events.  We were hoping that Verner would turn out to be Howard as that would have made our job easier too!  We like Mark and Doug personally but these questions are too serious to overlook. The fact that the Nicely's reported an evidently pre publication interview with Mark raises some serious questions. I hope Mark and Doug have some reasonable explanation!  The idea that Howard Hughes would get in contact with and form a long time association with the family of the person whose identity he had taken is stretching credulity to the limit!  That's the way to get exposed and go to jail!

We are posting this information so that anyone who might be in the market to harm the Nicely's will know that it is FAR too late, as precautions have been taken, and a number of people are already involved in this effort. 

A very engaging man named Gary Dale Nicely met  and was interviewed 3/8/2012 by a researcher yesterday and had quite a lot to say that tends to "debunk" the Boxes theory.

The researcher met with Gary and his charming wife, both of who told some interesting facts! Seems they were aware and in contact with Nik and Eva till Nik's death. The box below was apparently (from the label) mailed  August 10, 2000 (a post office worker would be needed to confirm the exact date).  Gary identified the reason for the odd shape of the plywood box, it being a rectangle but only about 3 inches thick. Seems he had handmade a shutter or shutters (the researchers forgot to ask how many) and sent them to his father in that box.

1. Gary was well aware of his father Verner living in Alabama and even went to visit him there! He talked on the phone with him fairly frequently and knew Eva as well.
2. According to Gary and his wife, Mark Musick came to their house and wanted DNA but he was so secretive that they refused.
3. Gary recognized the Shipping box recovered from "Nik's" trailer and stated that that "Is my handwriting on the front!  The wife stated that she recognized the green address stamp with their address in the upper left corner of the box.
4. When Gary agreed to meet he stated that the book needed to be debunked!  Here is Gary holding the box: on 3/8/2012.

Gary Dale Nicely and the Box he sent his Dad Verner Nicely circa 2000.  Please notice in his left hand there are some DNA swabs; He gave a dna sample nurse a mouth swab. It was kinda brief as Gary did it himself but we are waiting for the comparison to "Verner's" dna from a sheet at the "Ranch".  If the two match as father and son, then the whole Hughes as Verner Nicely theory is a fabrication in our opinion.

Here's a photo of the two, side by side.  What do you think?  Incidentally all the photos of Howard show a receding hair line with fine straight hair.Insert quote from Paul Winn internet comment: < (31 months ago)
Hughes' beard was not that thick. Iit was thin, long (at least collar length) and stringy. His hair was very fine and straight - also not very thick. I was one of his personal secretaries and was with him and Jean in Rancho Santa Fe in 1961. I spent 32 years with his company (Hughes Tool Company; then it became Summa Corporation and is now The Howard Hughes Corporation) and was the Corporate Secretary, Secretary to the Board of Directors, and Director of Corporate Records. I was in charge of all the records and Hughes' personal items, including his clothing, golf clubs, pilot log, etc. after his death. Paul B. Winn, Las Vegas, Nevada<

Please note the THIN and VERY FINE and STRAIGHT comments. That is exactly what all the photos of him show, without exception as well as the receding hairline. A lot of things may change but not ALL of that together! Verner had NO RECEDING Hairline, THICK hair, Curly hair and beard!  In my opinion the chances that Verner could be Howard are getting infinitesimal!
Several of the photos of Nik (notice the beard) show somewhat curly hair and forward hair as does both Gary and Nik in these photos here. Other photos of "Nik" show quite abundant frontal hair falling down his forehead in a mass!  Did Howard have a scalp transplant???  Did Howard's receding hairline suddenly disappear later in life? Did he bathe in Rogaine?  Did his hands grow new vein structure? We have had a university IV insertion teacher take photos of the backs of Howard's and Nik's hands and in his opinion they have totally DIFFERENT vessel structure. Nik's veins are rope like and surface while Howard's are deep and hard to visualize, they also had quite different pattern of vessalage! . Also Howard had olive skin (close to Spanish coloration) and Nik has tidey whitey skin.  The large freckles, nevus etc  or spots that appear on Nik's skin would never appear on Howard's even later in life, he was too olive complected, in our opinion.  Typically an olive skinned person does not suffer the kind of sun skin damage as exhibited by Nik!  Just too many questions!

In other interesting developments: it would appear that one of the person's claiming to be a "son" of Howard Hughes has been emailing quite frequently and inquiring as to the identities of the various persons with DNA on the site. We have an email that shows CC (carbon coping: Sending a copy of correspondence to a second source, usually for informational purposes, often times Private investigators will do this to keep clients informed). NOW DON'T THAT RAISE SOME INTERESTING QUESTIONS?? Who want's to guess what the email address he was carbon coping to??? Don't guess! Here it is!   Howard Hughes Medical Institutes:  webmaster@hhmi.org
Now you FBI guys who I know read this site: You need to think about that real hard!

Postulate: If HHMI has a PI working to learn the identities of the person's posted on this blog, then HHMI  must have an interest in one of those sets of DNA. If they have an interest, then that would imply they know one of the sets in our possession (public or private) is really Howard's child. The only way they could know this is if they have a valid DNA sample of Howard's dna! Now don't that make you hairpiece flop in the wind????  Wonder if a judge would give me a warrant to have the PI arrested and questioned?  Probably not!!!! Hummm!



  1. I just seen this... even with what you have posted on DNA I would suggest you get Gale Nicely mother's DNA. The allele are given "credit" to the mother first as a known, THEN what is left over of Gale's DNA MUST match the alledged father. I get tired of seeing people claim on the father without the mothers.

  2. Now folks this is a classic probe post of the FBI Illegal ConIntelPro type. The idea hear is to prompt a response and tease information. The proof is conclusiver that Verner was the ONLY one at the "ranch" in Alabama but the public manipulation sobourners of the Constuitions are just using this as an excuse to probe.